Escalante Community Garden Wish List

Please support our garden by helping us acquire the following items in new or lightly used condition...

● Bird feeders
● Supplies or equipment for chickens
● A solar oven
● Old tires
● Cinder Blocks
● Tarps
● Outdoor furniture: Benches, Chairs, Tables
● A sturdy outdoor grill
●Chicken wire
●Spare lumber
● Bricks
● Large stone pots for container gardens
● Seeds
●Garden tools
●Tape measures
●Staple gun
●Anything that could potentially become a raised bed.

We also have the community cooking classes that always could use more cooking equipment including:
●A set of plates/cups or silverware.
●A soup pot
●A small frying pan

TCAA is a recognized United Way Agency, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency and qualifies for the Arizona Charitable tax credit. 
TCAA’s tax ID is 86-0254820. For more information, please visit us online at