Monday, October 3, 2011

A new garden member spotlight

Those of you at the next workday will meet our new member at the garden. His name is Fred and he is currently guarding the pumpkin patch. Fred's maker is a local artist named Alexi Devilliers, many of you may have seen his work near the corner of Lemon and Smith. Although Alexi has built a robot army that could rival most evil geniuses, he is quite friendly and gladly gave us a tour of this workshop. His backyard contains a variety of works including some that plug in and move. All of these creations are constructed from reused materials, most notably old cans. One impressive part of Alexi's work is how he obtains these cans. Alexi has been giving out free food at the local parks. "...every Saturday my wife and I get up at 5:30am to cook 100-125 hot and fresh meals." He takes his work seriously too. When asked what he hands out, Alexi added "Sandwiches?...Pfft, we make them four course meals."

If you are interested in purchasing some of Mr. Devillers work, you can see him at First Fridays, or stop by the garden. As much as it would pain us to give him up, Fred is up for sale. Additionally, thanks to Frank and Alexi, the Escalante Community Garden is now also the Escalante Community Art Gallery.

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