Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Working with Dave Tally

It's good to know the local news stations haven't forgotten about our Garden Coordinator Dave:

USA Today
Local Fox Station
Arizona Local News
Huffington Post
Note: Dear Huffington Post. It's spelled Tally, not Talley.

In light of the recent surge in interest in my co-worker Dave, I thought I would toss in my two cents. Dave and I have been sharing an office for nearly 3 months now and for multiple reasons, he has been a fantastic co-worker. First, I consider myself a morning person, but Dave still regularly beats me to work by about 2 hours. Also, Dave consistently helps me put everything into perspective. As one could imagine, his range of experiences in life are well beyond anything I have gone through. Therefore, when a little crisis happens at the garden, he can calmly find a way to fix it while I'm running in circles like a chicken with my head cut off. Finally, Dave has been a great resource for local knowledge about Tempe and Arizona as a whole. He has been traveling with a group of other motorcyclists all around the state and been bringing back some great stories. His quiet calm demeanor doesn't match what you would expect in a serious motorcyclist, but that is what I want to emphasize with this article. Dave, like anyone in this world, is a complex guy who is more than can be summarized in short human interest story.

It's been great working with him and I hope I'm not annoying him too much by posting yet another article about him.

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