Thursday, May 5, 2011

Volunteering at the Escalante Community Garden

Volunteering at the Escalante Community Garden (ECG) is a great way to build community, learn about organic gardening in the desert, strengthen your body, and HAVE FUN!  There are two ways to volunteer with the ECG:

1.)  Send an email with "Volunteer" in the subject line to  This will add you to the ECG listserv, and you will receive updates about our upcoming volunteer events. 
2.)  Become a volunteer member!  To become a volunteer member, you simply agree to volunteer two hours a week at the ECG.  In return, you are eligible to receive a free share of all of the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are harvested on any particular week. For more information about becoming a volunteer member at the Escalante Community Garden, contact Alyssa Brooke-Gay at 480-350-5830 or

Starting May 28th, the ECG will begin hosting 2nd & 4th Saturday Work-Day/Barbeques.  All of the volunteers present at these events will work in the garden for a few hours (approx. 9:00-11:00am), and then celebrate with a community potluck afterwards.  Please bring a dish to pass for the potluck if you are able to.

There is no age limit to volunteer at the ECG, so bring your whole family along!  Please wear weather-appropriate apparel for working in the garden (proper footwear, layered clothing, a hat, gloves).  We’ll provide plenty of drinking water, snacks and all of the necessary tools and equipment.

"The garden touches a core of humanness. Because of all the war and terrorist activities and means of mass destruction, people think human nature at its core is warring. But there is a lot of evidence that human beings are really wonderfully put-together cosmic creatures. When I see all this volunteerism, it gives me confidence that a peaceful society is possible." 
-Karl Linn

Planting our first seedlings in their new homes... meticulously constructed raised garden beds!

Volunteers from Bethany Community Church working hard and having fun in the garden

Carol painting recycled tires to be used for planters

Tracy digging a hole for our irrigation system

Michael teaching Hannah how to use an electric drill

Magda rolling sod... a true skill!

Dennis and his brother cutting wood for our ADA raised table beds

ECG friends planting our very first seedlings back in January

Having a great time at the ECG

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